Dine Out Smart

Eating out is a great treat, but sometimes it can be hazardous to your healthy lifestyle. Get tips on restaurant eating as well as ideas for cuisines you've never tried before.

Eat Out Smart

  • Eating Out Italian
    Italian cuisine is delicious and full of nutritious vegetables - but there are still some dietary pitfalls to watch out for. Learn the ins and outs of healthy Italian eating.
  • Eating Out Mexican
    Mexican food is as delicious as it is varied, each region in the country has its own distinctive culinary voice, and healthful choices abound.
  • Eating Out with Kids
    Nearly half of all American families eat out once a week or more. Here are some tips to help your kids make good-for-you food choices when you are dining out.
  • Eating Out Sushi
    Sushi is becoming an increasingly popular choice for a restaurant meal any day of the week. This unique cuisine, which is centered on rice and fish, offers many healthful choices.
  • Eating Out Middle Eastern
    The exotic aromas and flavors of Middle Eastern foods are likely to entice your palate, and healthful ingredients make it easy to enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal when dining out.

With our Guides!

  • Dine Out for Breakfast
    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it can be easy to make quick and unhealthy choices. Here are some tips on eating right in the morning.
  • Eating Out Chinese
    While some traditional dishes are high in fat and salt, Chinese menus also feature lots of vegetables and grains - all good choices as centerpieces of a dish.
  • Eating Out Ethiopian
    If you enjoy exotic and spicy flavors, then Ethiopian food may soon join your list of dine out favorites. Learn why it's so good for you, and what to expect at the restaurant.
  • Eating Out with Teens
    A teenager gives you advice on helping your children eat healthy when you go out. Get tips on easy ways your teen can reduce the salt and fat they eat.