Play Like a Kid: Get the Family Involved

By Mary Ann Cockram, MS, RD

Looking for a fun way to get a great workout that includes quality time with the family? Try bringing back the "kid" in you and go play! You'll find that you're getting great exercise and the young ones don't realize they're working out because they're having fun, too. Put on your kid cap and try these ideas:

Work Out With Grade School Kids

  • Try ice skating, roller blading, or roller skating together.
  • Grab a softball and play catch. A soccer ball is great for just kicking around.
  • End a "workout" with hide-and-go-seek, particularly with younger family members.

Work Out With Teenagers
  • Register for a charity event (run or walk), and train together.
  • Play one-on-one basketball or singles/doubles tennis.
  • Take a bicycle ride together. Enjoy the outdoors and get great exercise in the process.

Work Out With Grown Children
  • Do yard work together, such as raking leaves.
  • Shoot hoops, or play tag football if you have enough family members around for a small team.
  • Enjoy a walk around the block or go for a short hike.


Even if you don't have children of your own, "borrow" nieces and nephews who live nearby. Church youth groups and social agencies that work with children could also benefit from your time. What you can do is limited only by your imagination. So, release your inner child and play!

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