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Boost Your Metabolism With Weight Lifting

Why Weight Lift?

  • Bigger muscles can improve appearance -- making the body shapelier and firmer.
  • Weight lifting makes your muscles stronger so you can do the aerobic portion of your program more intensely.
  • But the number one reason: To get the after-exercise metabolic effects. More muscle burns more fat!

You've never lifted weights? Here are some tips!

  1. The magic numbers are 8 through 12.

    Find a weight (or a position, if you are using your body as the weight) that you can lift 8-12 times before you get tired or feel the burn. If you can lift the weight more than 12 times, you need something heavier. If you can't lift it at least 8 times, you need a lighter weight. Doing 8-12 repetitions is called a set. I recommend that beginners do one or two sets.

  2. Work the large muscles first.

    Small muscles fatigue quickly. When they get exhausted they can't assist the large muscles. So, work the large muscles first (chest, back, shoulders, thighs) and the smaller muscles last (arms, calves, abdominals).

  3. Remember to breathe!

    This sounds silly, but beginners often hold their breath during lifting, which can cause a sharp rise in blood pressure. It doesn't matter whether you inhale or exhale during the lift; you decide which feels more comfortable. Just remember to do it!

  4. Wait 48 hours between sessions.

    Muscles taxed by weight lifting need about 48 hours to repair. You must give your muscles time to recover so that you get the fat burning benefits.

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