Get Motivated

Learning how to motivate yourself is key to getting in shape and maintaining fitness. Get tips and advice from our experts.

Tips to Keep You Going

  • 11 Great Ways to Get Motivated
    There are lots of fun ways to keep yourself moving. Get advice from fitness experts and people just like you on how to stick with your routine.
  • Get fit for stress
    What does it take to get a healthy and fit body and keep it for life? The answer lies in your ability to navigate the stresses in your life without ignoring yourself.
  • What Gets You Going?
    The best way to understand and ultimately enhance your motivation is to consider factors like your personality, needs, interests and goals.
  • Lifestyle Activity As Healthy As A Gym Workout
    lifestyle activity is as effective as a structured exercise program in improving health. Learn 25 ways to add movement to your day!
  • Quiz: Are You Motivated?
    It's much easier for people to sign up for exercise instruction than to stick with it. Do you have what it takes to stay with the program?