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Childhood Obesity Statistics

First Lady Calls for Fight Against Childhood Obesity

February 10, 2010
The First Lady, Michelle Obama, has started an initiative aimed at reducing childhood obesity. The "Let's Move" campaign is aimed at what families, communities, and other parties can do to reduce childhood obesity within one generation. President Obama signed a memorandum establishing a task force to tackle the problem.
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Expert & Community Posts

The Candidates on Childhood Obesity
By Craig Stoltz , Health Expert

...published a spectacular piece of journalism about the childhood obesity crisis . No one... Read more »

First Lady says, “Let’s Move" and Attack Childhood Obesity
By The HealthGal , Health Expert

...eyes.  The idea that Michelle Obama has made the childhood obesity crisis her major platform ... Read more »

Is your child at risk for childhood obesity?
By Deanne Stein , Health Expert

...that increasing physical activity can help combat childhood obesity. So why aren't we doing... Read more »

Childhood Obesity running out of Control - Parents Open Your Eyes
By Kenn Kihiu , Health Expert

...concerned about it.   Majority of our parents think childhood obesity is not a serious... Read more »

It's An Ambitious Goal: Eliminate Childhood Obesity in One Generation
By The HealthGal , Health Expert

...campaign to deal with the national health crisis, childhood obesity .  Her organic garden at... Read more »

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