2012 Healthy Holiday Gift Guides

We wish you healthy holidays!

2012 Healthy Holiday Gift Guides

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To help you spread happiness and good health around, we’ve pulled together a few suggestions.
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Gift Guide Slideshows

  • Holiday Gifts
    11 Great Gifts for Everyone
    No matter who you need to buy a gift for this year, this guide will give you healthy ideas for everyone in your life.
  • 13 Healthy Holiday Gifts for Her
    It’s the perfect time of year to give the women in your life gifts of wellness—with presents that will make her happy and healthy both now and later.
  • 11 Healthy Holiday Gifts for Him
    A lot of men don’t like to talk about their health, but they do appreciate it when you give them something that shows you want to help them take care of themselves. Here are 11 gifts that should be winners.
  • 9 Great Gifts for Family and Kids
    Most kids will say they’re not interested in gifts that are good for them. But we’ve found a selection that offers plenty of family fun, while also helping kids to exercise their bodies or minds.
  • bottles of cooking oil, olive oil, canola oil
    13 Great Food and Cooking Gifts
    It's very easy this time of year to forget about the concept of healthy eating. But here's a baker's dozen of great gifts geared to the family member or friend who loves to cook and wants to stay in good health.
  • 9 Great Fitness Gifts
    Staying fit goes a long way toward staying healthy. But a fitness regimen can get both complicated and expensive. Here are nine gifts that will help a loved one keep it simple—and safe.
  • 10 Healthy Stocking Stuffers
    How many times have you scrambled at the last minute to get stocking stuffers that are forgotten a day later? Here are 10 that we think will have staying power.

Coping with Holiday Stress

Eating Healthy During the Holidays

7 Ways to Cut Salt from Holiday Meals

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The holidays are filled with great foods and large meals, many of which contain hidden salt.
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Gifts for People with Chronic Conditions

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    8 Great Gifts for People with Arthritis
    If you have a loved one with arthritis, you know it can be a challenge to find a gift that's both personal and useful for someone living with this often disabling condition.
  • A man coughing
    5 Great Gifts for People with COPD
    If you know someone who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), you may be wondering if there are gifts you can give that might help make his or life with this condition easier to manage.