Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Calculating body frame size

Body frame size is determined by a person's wrist circumference in relation to his height. For example, a man whose height is over 5' 5" and wrist is 6" would fall into the small-boned category.Determining frame size: To determine the body frame size, measure the wrist with a tape measure and use the following chart to determine whether the person is small, medium, or large boned.Women:Height under 5'2" Small = wrist size less than 5.5"Medium = wrist size 5.5" to 5.75"Large = wrist size over 5.75"Height 5'2" to 5' 5" Small = wrist size less than 6"Medium = wrist size 6" to 6.25"Large = wrist size over 6.25"Height over 5' 5" Small = wrist size less than 6.25"Medium = wrist size 6.25" to 6.5"Large = wrist size over 6.5"Men:Height over 5' 5" Small = wrist size 5.5" to 6.5"Medium = wrist size 6.5" to 7.5"Large = wrist size over 7.5"

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