Seeds of Greatness: Plant Small Changes to Grow Positive Results

This time of year, we plant seeds so wonderful things will grow. It's the same with improving your lifestyle. Take a few small tips from below, plant them into your day, and grow great things such as better health, improved fitness, and a sunnier outlook!

Rev Up With Breakfast
When you eat breakfast, you fire up your metabolism after its rest from food the night before. Don't skip this important meal, even when you're on the go.

Try This: Grab a nutritious shake, such as Ensure® High Protein, and a piece of fruit. With this breakfast, your metabolism will kick in and begin burning calories as it should.

Take Small Bites — of Exercise
Sometimes it's challenging to fit a workout into your day. Consider doing 10-minute chunks of exercise three times a day. Studies show it helps your heart as much as a straight 30-minute session.

Try This: Walk in one direction for five minutes, then turn around and walk back the other way. You've just taken a 10-minute walk!

Ease Stress in One Breath
Breathing exercises can help relieve stress — and they're something you can do anywhere.

Try This: Place one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest. Breathe deeply, exhaling from your diaphragm. When breathing from the diaphragm, your stomach muscles contract rather than the muscles in your chest. Focus on exhaling fully before inhaling again.

In this season when good things begin to bloom, try these tips, and you might bloom, too!

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