Quiz: Are You Getting Enough Protein?

Take this quiz to determine how much protein should be in your healthy diet.

Eating a healthy balance of carbohydrates, fat and protein gives your body a "bank account" of nutrients to meet the demands of daily living -- and reduce your risks of developing a chronic disease.

Normally, Americans tend to eat much more protein than we need.

But our erratic eating habits and the national propensity to fad diets can throw protein intake way out of whack -- undermining energy, exercise performance and overall health.

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Your daily protein requirement is: grams. (A pound equals 454 grams.) Check the protein counts for common foods.

This is the minimum recommended daily protein intake for adults and children over 4.

Caution: These estimates may not be appropriate for infants, toddlers, pregnant or nursing women, and the elderly. They need more protein to fuel growth, keep their energy up and their immune systems strong.

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