Dr. Dean

Why Is My Earlobe So Sore?

Posting Date: 03/25/1999

Suzy: I have this little pearl-sized bump, inside my earlobe, near my earring hole. It's kind of like a pimple. It's inflamed. I can tell there is pus in it, and it really hurts.

Dr. Dean: You most likely have an infection in your earlobe, unless you're having an allergic reaction to something. You could have made a little pocket in your earlobe when you put in your earrings. As it healed and closed up, it could have trapped an infection inside.

Any opening in the skin will tend to get infected as it closes. You want to keep any breaks in your skin moist, so that debris will flush out rather than accumulate.

This is how we care for surgical wounds. If a wound dries up, stuff can get sealed in. So, the best home remedy is to soak your earlobe with a hot washcloth. Keep it draining.