Dr. Dean

What Causes Brown Or Black Spots In Semen?

Posting Date: 04/15/1999

Carol: When you have intercourse and there are lots of brown and black spots in your husband's semen, is it from an infection?

Dr. Dean: Usually brown and black spots in semen would be from blood. When blood gets old, it can turn brownish or blackish.

By the way, folks, the appearance of brown or black spots in vomit is an important symptom. If you ever see anything black or brown in there, it's almost always blood until proven otherwise.

Many people don't know this and will throw up and see black and wonder what food it came from, without understanding that they are bleeding to death and they should get to the emergency room immediately.

The implication here is that whatever the source of the bleeding was, it kind of sat around until you had intercourse. This is a common call for us here, and we don't air it much because it is rarely due to anything serious.

Still, very rarely it could be something, so I do tell people to tell this symptom to their urologists, and take the opportunity to get those prostates checked out.