Dr. Dean

Can I Sell My Testicles To A Lab?

Posting Date: 05/03/1999

E-mail question: Don't think this is a joke. I am 100 percent serious.

I am 29 years old, and had a vasectomy four years ago. A friend told me he read that some laboratories purchase testicles for medical research. Are there any health-related risks to such an operation?

Dr. Dean: Come on! Gotta be a joke.

Of course you need them. They make hormones, sir. If I removed them, you would feminize, lose your hair, and get a higher voice. You wouldn't like that.

Testicles are sometimes removed due to prostate or testicular cancer. I'm sure a lab somewhere might purchase them, for research, from men who have orchiectomies.

Who knows, maybe there's a out there looking for...