Dr. Dean

Why Do I Have A Dent In My Skull?

Posting Date: 06/22/1999

Leanne: About seven months ago, I noticed a large dent in the front of my skull above my right eyebrow at my hairline.

I saw two different doctors. Because of my HMO, I changed my primary care provider to get a second opinion.

The doctors did not take any x-rays and they both said I probably had a skull trauma. I just find it odd that I would not have noticed a trauma to my head.

Can my skull be changing shape as I age?

Dr. Dean: Oh, the magic of modern medicine. We have all these wonderful tools and nobody wants to spend money using them.

A dent in the skull should be x-rayed. I tell people, "If your hat size changes, see your doctor."

I'm the first to admit that someone can live happily with an unnoticed body imperfection, and then become obsessed once they do notice it. But I agree with you that if a hit to the head dented your skull, you would have been the first to know.

I don't want to scare you, but diseases can spread from other places in the body to the skull bones and can cause lumps or depressions. There is a condition called Paget's disease that shows up as a lumpy or misshapen area.

You might have to jump up and down, and holler, but get that x-ray. You could always go into the emergency room and say "Oh, my gosh. I fell and hit my head. Look at this dent." Then they would have to x-ray. I hate to see you have to resort to that, though.

A photograph showing the shape of your skull might convince them, especially if you have before and after shots. Any HMO that delays diagnosing something serious is looking for a lawsuit.