Dr. Dean

My Testosterone Level Is Low. Will Injections Help Me?

Posting Date: 08/16/1999

Kevin: I'm 33 years old and my doctor diagnosed me with a low testosterone count. He wants to give me injections. Is the purpose of the injections to raise my testosterone to a normal level?

Dr. Dean: Yes.

Here is what it comes down to. If you called me and said, "Hey, Doc. I'm 33 years old and I want an extra boost, so my doctor is going to give me testosterone shots," I'd tell you to run with your tail between your legs, because that can be very dangerous.

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Extra testosterone - the key word is "extra" - can predispose you to prostate cancer and other problems that you don't want.

But since you're diagnosed with low testosterone, the doctor should be giving you the appropriate dose to raise it to normal, which is absolutely fine. You will feel a lot better and some things will be work better for you than they have been.

I'd give a similar response to a 33-year-old woman who had her ovaries removed. I'd have no problem giving her hormone replacement. I do have a problem, though, giving hormones to every menopausal woman simply because we doctors have decided that menopause is now a disease.