Dr. Dean

Will Having An Orgasm Induce Labor?

Posting Date: 11/02/1999

E-mail question: A woman asked you how to bring on labor. I know from experience that having orgasms by whatever means possible will do it.

Dr. Dean: I don't know of any research on that, but here's a bit of evidence. The uterus contracts during orgasm, and the hormone oxytocin, which induces orgasms in women, is also the hormone that's released to start labor.

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We used to tell pregnant women not to have sex at all, but now doctors say that sex during pregnancy is okay up to a couple of weeks before the due date. From that point on perhaps sex might be feared to bring on early labor.

Somehow a particular pizza joint once got a reputation for starting labor. The place was always jammed with pregnant women. Of course statistically, if you put 100 pregnant women in a pizza joint, and they're all at their due dates, a percentage of them will go into labor.

For those who aren't feeling sexy or hungry, we often recommend taking a walk.