Dr. Dean

Breatharians: Liberated From Food, Drink And Good Sense

Posting Date: 06/13/2000

Original broadcast date: March 10, 2000

It?s hard to believe that a no-food, no-water cult known as "breatharianism," is still around and breathing.

Actually, breatharian advocates aren?t all kicking. At least 23 people have died after trying to live on a bare-bones diet consisting mostly of breathing techniques and exposure to light, according to a news report in the Skeptic.

This idea of being liberated from the drudgery of food and drink is really stupid, yet Ellen Greve, the Australian guru that first came up with the concept, claims to have 5,000 followers. The stupidity part is evident since she charges $2,000 per ticket to her spirituality seminars that are mostly attended by Westerners.

Breatharianism is a phony, phony concept and I can remember one so-called follower who was interviewed on television and claimed to live without food or water. However, he was followed and spotted going into a local fast-food joint for a hamburger and soda. So much for credibility!

All I can say is you?re not going to survive long without food and water, even though the members can drink their own urine. This might be good because people this gullible will be removed from the gene pool and improve the evolution of the species.

Eating disorder experts confirm what most of us know ? there?s no scientific basis for Greve?s teachings, yet somehow she ties the breatharian concept to a Biblical philosophy that confers a spirituality to hunger in developing countries.

Well, I'm sure that all those people who are starving in developing countries will be glad to hear they have a special spirituality. I'm sure they'd rather just have enough food.

Source: Skeptic, March 2000