Dr. Dean

Does The Microwave Kill Yeast Infections?

Posting Date: 05/31/2000

Joshua: My girlfriend gets a lot of yeast infections.

I heard that putting undergarments in the microwave for a few seconds will knock out germs that the washer and dryer can't. Can we kill the yeast in a microwave?

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Dr. Dean: Depending on water temperature, yeast and other germs can survive a spin through the washer and dryer, whereas microwaving undies does kill any yeast on them. I don't recommend it though, because the process can also burn down your house. Anything that doesn't have moisture in it can catch fire very quickly in a microwave.

Try going at this from a different angle, preventing the infection rather than killing off the yeast. One of the most commonly overlooked causes of recurrent yeast infections in women is oral sex. If a partner's mouth has yeast in it, and by the way both brewer's yeast and baker's yeast count, that yeast can be passed to the woman's genitals via oral sex.

If this is one of your habits, experiment by refraining for a few weeks to see if her infection goes away. You should also rinse your mouth with an anti-fungal, prescription mouthwash like nystatin.

Ordinarily, yeast infections should go away quickly after treatment with over the counter medication. If they don't work for her, and if your experiment doesn't work either, your girlfriend should see her gynecologist.