Dr. Dean

Why Don't I Ejaculate When I Have An Orgasm?

Posting Date: 06/03/2002

Original Posting: 6/9/2000

Gary: I had diverticulitis, which resulted in a perforated bowel and a temporary colostomy.

My bowel has been repaired, but I now have no ejaculation when I have an orgasm. What is going on?

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Dr. Dean: Everything is working, but your ejaculate is going backwards into your bladder. This is called retrograde ejaculation, and it's not harmful as far as I know.

A perforated bowel blows a hole in your intestines, which can be life threatening, of course. When the doctors went in to poke around inside your abdomen, the nerves that coordinate your reflexes may have been damaged.

This happens more often in men who have had prostate surgery, although those men don't produce a lot of ejaculate anyway.