Dr. Dean

Why Did Biking Make My Tailbone So Sore?

Posting Date: 09/05/2000

Carolyn in Lancaster, Pennsylvania: I'm 5'7" and I weigh 260 pounds. I've started eating right and I started bicycling for exercise. After two days, I've noticed my tailbone hurt so much that I couldn't bike anymore. I'm wondering if I am too overweight to be bicycling because it's been like two weeks and my tailbone still hurts.

Dr. Dean: You've got to be careful. First, there are conditions in the tailbone such as pilonidal cysts and inflammations, and you can also break your tailbone, so if it really bugs you, you might want to check with your doctor to make sure it?s nothing like that.

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My guess is it's just sore because you are now sitting for hours on something that is very poorly designed for the human behind.

There are bike seats you can buy now that are a little better than what you're using. They don't have a rise right in the middle where your tailbone sits, but have two parallel tracts and a little depression to accommodate your buttocks. So one size does not fit all. I want you to look around. You can go to even regular bike stores and find some of these new ergonomic seats that might be better for you.