Dr. Dean

Why Does A Kick To The Testicles Hurt In The Abdomen?

Posting Date: 10/08/2002

Original Posting: 10/9/2000

Jack: Why is it that a light touch to the testicles is felt right away and on the spot, but a kick to the testicles is a delayed pain felt in the abdomen?

Dr. Dean: The pleasurable sensation is associated with skin receptors that go right around to the spinal cord the way all the superficial nerves do.

A painful sensation, though, happens to the testicle itself, not to skin, and the pain travels up the inguinal canal, which is the path the testicle made when it descended when you were an embryo. That's why a man doesn't feel a blow to the testicles in the testicles; he feels it in his abdomen.

The course of the internal nerve impulse, up the canal, is a longer one than superficial nerves travel going right to the spinal cord.