Dr. Dean

Can A Sinus Infection Cause Double Vision?

Posting Date: 01/03/2001

Magdalena: I have been having sinus infections and for the last few weeks I've also had some double vision and blurred vision.

One day at the swimming pool, I glanced at the signs on the wall and they blurred as I was looking at them. This happened too when I was driving and reading traffic signs.

Can the sinus infections and vision problems be related?

Dr. Dean: Sinus problems most definitely could cause vision problems, but it doesn't happen in modern times as often as it did pre-antibiotics.

The eyeballs sit right on top of the big sinuses on either side of the cheeks. If you tap on your cheekbone you can feel it is hollow inside. That's the sinus.

A bad infection in that sinus that goes untreated could impair the muscles in the bottom of the eye that move the eye up and down. So blurred or double vision could occur.

It's possible too that the vision irregularities have nothing to do with your sinus infections, especially if they persist or if you get other symptoms. In that case, you should make an appointment with an ophthalmologist.