Dr. Dean

Are There Any Long-term Effects If I Have My Testicles Removed?

Posting Date: 04/23/2001

Rob: It?s been recommended I have my testicles removed for chronic pain. The pain is in the actual testicles themselves. Are there any long-term side effects?

Dr. Dean: There are several things to consider about removing your testicles.

First, the nerves from the testicles come from the abdomen. I?ve seen cases where people got fooled, and they thought the pain was in the testicles but the pain was coming from the abdomen.

Second, it would be much easier just to snip the nerve to your testicles and then you could keep them. Are you going to get a prosthesis? Do you care? There is something I don?t like about this story, but what can I tell you? In other words, if you indeed have pain emanating from the testicles, I would want to know the following:

(a) Why? There are causes we know of. There are little organs behind the testicle that can become inflamed or infected and that can cause pain, etc.

(b) If you remove the testicles, you are removing a man?s source of testosterone. Aesthetics and all that aside, would you be willing to take hormones for a period of time?

You have to find out whether the pain is coming from the testicles themselves or actually from the abdomen. If the pain is from the testicles themselves, an anesthesiologist or urologist is the person to consult.

Of course removing a testicle is a very simple operation, maybe simpler than snipping a nerve, but I would take a needle and inject some novocaine into the nerve and see if that stops the pain. If that does not stop the pain, then it?s coming from your abdomen and you?re making a big mistake. And if it does stop the pain, then we can even inject the materials they inject to just kind of kill off the nerve on a temporary or permanent basis. Or, you can go in with scissors and do a vasectomy and you snip the nerve, too, with or without.