Dr. Dean

Can I Catch Hepatitis C From My Friend?

Posting Date: 05/22/2001

So I don?t think there are any current public health recommendations that say you should act any differently around someone who has hepatitis C than anyone else. Although anything is possible; I wouldn?t share a razor blade or anything that has the potential to break the skin that involves blood.

Sexual transmission is the only question we don?t have the answer to. If you had called me and said that this was your husband and you had asked me if you should use a barrier method of birth control to protect yourself during sex, I wouldn?t know how to answer that question. I think as time goes on sex transmission seems to be one of the least likely ways of contracting it, but I don?t know with certainty if that is true. These are such difficult areas to do research in. You can?t do research on human beings when it comes to sex; it?s very difficult.

Other than sharing a cigarette, then that?s basically all you?ve done?

Kirstin: Yes, we don?t share drinks or anything else.

Dr. Dean: I think you could, but I?m not recommending you do. But as I said, this is an evolving state and we?d rather be a little more paranoid than a little too liberal about this, because you don?t want to be caught later on and find you gave people bad advice. That?s the party line at this point in time. It?s a disease against which we are making progress. We have a few medications and we can hopefully help most of these people.