Dr. Dean

Why Would My Doctor Prescribe Masturbation For An Enlarged Prostate?

Posting Date: 06/11/2002

Original Posting: 6/11/2001

Jeff: I recently went in for a physical where the doctor said I had an enlarged prostate and he told me to do masturbation therapy. I?ve never heard of that before. It?s a new company I work for; it was their company doctor who told me this. Is this guy a quack?

Dr. Dean: There are a couple of conditions for which a physician might prescribe sex. It?s not as crazy as it sounds because we don?t really know the relationship of prostate enlargement to sexual activity. After all, this is a gland, but what does this gland do? This gland contributes to the majority of fluid that makes up semen.

If you were to feel someone?s prostate while they?re at the moment of orgasm, you?d feel it shrink down, the muscles that surround the prostate contract and shrink down. But we have found with medication that we can help your enlarged prostate by changing muscle tone in this thin sheet of muscle that surrounds the prostate gland.

In the past, doctors used to do all kinds of things. I won?t get into it all, but I wish I had a really good, objective and carefully done study to support or to throw that out, and I really don?t.

A few years ago, this came up on the program and I went to the world?s clinical literature and looked and looked, but I couldn?t find anything that I could really hang my hat on, except that many physicians believed that masturbation was helpful.

This is not the most horrible thing to be prescribed; there aren?t many side effects that I know of, and you can give it a try and then see if your prostate has shrunk.

There still exists this idea that a lack of sexual activity might relate to even prostate cancer or even an enlarged prostate, and you?d think in this day and age, in the year of our Lord, 2001, that we would know the answer to that question ?- what a simple thing to do, and we really don?t. Perhaps the prostate is a use-it-or-lose-it phenomena? I know of no downside; I?ve never seen anyone become sick from too many orgasms.