Dr. Dean

Vitamin E For That Cut?

Posting Date: 08/08/2001

Originally broadcast on June 20, 2001.

A recent study set out to dispel the myth that vitamin E is effective in healing cuts. Indeed, the results of the study did find it was not effective in healing wounds. In fact, according to this research, you could make the scar worse by using it.

This article was published in a journal called Dermatologic Surgery. Researchers looked at the effectiveness of vitamin E applied to post surgical scars. Vitamin E was not found to improve the cosmetic appearance of wounds. Researchers also found that one-third of the people in the study group got contact dermatitis from the vitamin E.

There is also no evidence that vitamin E reduces the size, color, and shape of a scar. In fact, if the patient gets an allergic reaction, vitamin E could also possibly worsen the scar because of irritation. Researchers postulate that it may interfere with the natural healing process.

One of the studies? authors suggests that for scar management, over-the-counter products are superior to vitamin E, and easier to use.

Source: Dermatologic Surgery, April 1999.