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Male Circumcision Reduces Female Pleasure

Posting Date: 01/21/2004

'Female arousal disorder' blamed on circumcised penises

A New Zealand study found that reduced female arousal and fewer female orgasms

may be linked to women having sex with circumcised male partners. Women reported

they were about twice as likely to experience orgasm if their male partner had a


Nine out of ten women prefer having sex with intact men, the study finds.

"Presence of the movable foreskin makes a difference in foreplay, being more

arousing to the female," the study says. "Most likely, reported vaginal dryness

and the related clinical designation `female arousal disorder' is but a normal

female response to coitus with a man with an iatrogenically [doctor caused]

deficient penis."

The foreskin is double-layered. During intercourse, the moist and pliant

foreskin rolls past itself massaging the vagina and exciting it more than the

'dry stick' of a circumcised penis. The foreskin keeps the glans moist and soft

aiding in foreplay, insertion, and intercourse. Dry or painful sex is the number

one sexual complaint of women in the United States.

"During intercourse, the skin of an intact penis slides up and down the shaft,

stimulating the glans and the nerves of the inner and outer foreskin. On the

outstroke, the glans is partially or completely engulfed by the foreskin with

more skin remaining inside the vagina than is the case with the circumcised

penis. This `valve' mechanism is thought to retain the natural lubrication

provided by the female because the bunched up skin acts to block the lubrication

escaping from the vagina, which results in dryness."

About 70% of American men alive today are circumcised. About 60% of U.S. baby

boys are circumcised each year. It is illegal to circumcise girls in the United



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