Dr. Dean

Does A Beer-Drinking Boyfriend Give Me More Yeast Infections?

Posting Date: 01/06/1999

Email Question: Have you had any discussions concerning yeast infections and beer-drinking boyfriends? In a former relationship, this was thought to be a contributing factor.

Dr. Dean: Oral sex from a man who has yeast growing in his mouth, which is very common, could be the cause of vaginal yeast infections in women, no doubt.

The idea that there is yeast in beer and that making beer a possible contributor, I have not heard of that. Now, your beer-drinking boyfriend may have had yeast in his mouth. That is the association. It's not because he was a beer drinker, but because he was your boyfriend.

This is very difficult to ever pin down. Some doctors might consider trying, if it's a recurring thing and you just want to continue oral sex, you can use a dental damn, but that doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me.

An oral medication can also be used to get rid of the yeast in his mouth. Just to let you know, this is not so cut and dry. We have seen vaginal yeast infections in women who are married to bakers. That's baker's yeast, which is a different species. It's not candida albicans, and it can infect the female reproductive tract.