Dr. Dean

Circumcision: Photo Gallery: Intact Men

Posting Date: 12/15/2003

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Various positions and elasticity of foreskin.

Various stages of covering and retraction.

Foreskin position, semi-erect.

Various stages of coverage.

Close up of normal foreskin folds.

Fully covered, flaccid.

The Three Zones of Penile Skin

The next five photographs show the three zones of skin on a normal, intact (non-circumcised) adult penis:

  1. the skin covering the shaft (the area above the upper line in each photograph);
  2. the foreskin's outside fold (the area between the two lines in each photograph);
  3. the foreskin's inside fold (the area below the lower line in each photograph), visible only when the foreskin is retracted.

Penis slightly tumescent.

The foreskin retracted (manually) about half an inch.