Dr. Dean

Small Breasts More Sensitive

Posting Date: 02/03/1999

Finding the normal sensitivity of different areas of a woman?s breast is important for physicians who do breast reduction or reconstructive surgery. That?s why a study from the University of Vienna peaked my interest.

Researchers studied 150 healthy women to determine the normal values of breast sensibility. What they discovered is that women with smaller breasts scored highest in sensitivity when tested objectively.

In all women, the most sensitivity was recorded on the skin of the larger part of the breast, followed by the areola ? the colored ring around the nipple. The least sensitive area was the nipple itself.

The researchers say sensitivity decreased with age in all size groups and in all tested areas.

An interesting finding was that smoking or hormonal contraception had no influence on breast sensation, regardless of the breast size.

These findings are important for physicians ? and patients - who are concerned about the alteration of breast sensitivity after reduction mammaplasty or breast reconstruction.