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Acquired platelet function defect

  • Alternative Names

    Acquired qualitative platelet disorders; Acquired disorders of platelet function


    Treatment is aimed at the cause of the problem.

    • Bone marrow disorders (which may have abnormally low or high numbers of platelets) are treated with platelet transfusions, removing platelets from the blood (platelet pheresis), or chemotherapy to treat the condition.
    • Platelet function defects caused by kidney failure are treated with dialysis or a drug called desmopressin (ddAVP).
    • Platelet problems caused by medication are treated by stopping the medication.

    Support Groups

    Expectations (prognosis)

    Treating the cause of the problem usually corrects the defect.

    • Prolonged bleeding
    • Severe anemia

    Calling your health care provider

    Call your health care provider:

    • If you have bleeding and do not know the cause
    • If your symptoms get worse or do not improve after you are treated for an acquired platelet function defect