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Asperger syndrome

  • Definition

    Asperger syndrome is often considered a high functioning form of autism. People with this syndrome have difficulty interacting socially, repeat behaviors, and often are clumsy. Motor milestones may be delayed.

    Alternative Names

    Pervasive developmental disorder - Asperger syndrome; Autistic spectrum disorder - Asperger

    Causes, incidence, and risk factors

    Hans Asperger labeled this disorder "autistic psychopathy" in 1944. The exact cause is unknown. More than likely, an abnormality in the brain is the cause of Asperger syndrome.

    There is a possible link to autism, and genetic factors may play a role. The disorder tends to run in families. A specific gene has not been identified.

    The condition appears to be more common in boys than in girls.

    Although people with Asperger syndrome often have difficulty socially, many have above-average intelligence. They may excel in fields such as computer programming and science. There is no delay in their cognitive development, ability to take care of themselves, or curiosity about their environment.