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Athlete's foot

  • Alternative Names

    Tinea pedis; Fungal infection - feet; Tinea of the foot; Infection - fungal - feet; Ringworm - foot


    To prevent athlete's foot, follow these measures:

    • Dry your feet thoroughly after bathing or swimming.
    • Wear sandals or flip-flops at a public shower or pool.
    • Change your socks often to keep your feet dry. This should be done at least once a day.
    • Use antifungal or drying powders to prevent athlete's foot if you are susceptible to getting it, or you frequent areas where athlete's foot fungus is common (like public showers).
    • Wear shoes that are well ventilated and, preferably, made of natural material such as leather. It may help to alternate shoes each day, so they can dry completely between wearings. Avoid plastic-lined shoes.


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