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Benign ear cyst or tumor

  • Alternative Names

    Osteomas; Exostoses; Tumor - ear; Cysts - ear; Ear cysts; Ear tumors


    The symptoms of cysts include:

    • Pain (if cysts are in the outside ear canal or get infected)
    • Small soft skin lumps on, behind, or in front of the ear

    The symptoms of benign tumors include:

    • Ear discomfort
    • Gradual hearing loss in one ear

    Note: There may be no symptoms.

    Signs and tests

    Benign cysts and tumors are usually discovered during a routine ear examination, which can include hearing tests (audiometry) and middle ear testing (tympanometry). When looking into the ear, the doctor may see cysts or benign tumors in the ear canal.

    Sometimes a CT scan is needed.

    This disease may also affect the results of the following tests:

    • Caloric stimulation
    • Electronystagmography