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Chronic cholecystitis

  • Alternative Names

    Cholecystitis - chronic


    Surgery is the usual treatment. Surgery to remove the gallbladder is called cholecystectomy.

    • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is most often done. This surgery uses smaller surgical cuts, which result in a faster recovery. Patients are often sent home from the hospital on the same day as surgery, or the next morning.
    • Open cholecystectomy requires a larger cut in the upper-right part of the abdomen.

    In patients who are too ill to have surgery because of other diseases or conditions, the gallstones may be dissolved with medication taken by mouth. However, this may take 2 years or longer to work, and the stones may return after treatment.

    Support Groups

    Expectations (prognosis)

    Cholecystectomy is a common procedure with a low risk.

    • Cancer of the gallbladder (rarely)
    • Jaundice
    • Pancreatitis
    • Worsening of the condition

    Calling your health care provider

    Call for an appointment with your health care provider if you develop any symptoms of cholecystitis.