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Chronic inflammatory polyneuropathy

  • Alternative Names

    Polyneuropathy - chronic inflammatory; CIDP; Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy

    • Difficulty walking due to weakness
    • Difficulty using the arms and hands or legs and feet due to weakness
    • Facial weakness
    • Sensation changes (usually affects feet first, then the arms and hands)
      • Numbness or decreased sensation
      • Pain, burning, tingling, or other abnormal sensations
    • Weakness, usually in the arms and hands or legs and feet

    Other symptoms that can occur with this disease:

    • Abnormal movement
    • Bowel or bladder problems
    • Breathing difficulty
    • Fatigue
    • Hoarseness or changing voice
    • Loss of function or feeling in the muscles
    • Muscle atrophy
    • Muscle contractions
    • Paralysis of the face
    • Speech impairment
    • Swallowing difficulty
    • Uncoordinated movement

    Signs and tests

    The doctor will examine you and ask questions about your medical history. The physical exam shows:

    • Loss of muscle mass
    • No reflexes
    • Paralysis
    • Muscle weakness
    • Sensation problems on both sides of the body

    Tests may include:

    • Electromyography (EMG)
    • Nerve conduction tests
    • Nerve biopsy
    • Spinal tap

    Which other tests are done depends on the suspected cause of the condition, and may include x-rays, imaging scans, and blood tests.