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Chronic thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s disease)

  • Alternative Names

    Hashimoto's thyroiditis; Chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis; Autoimmune thyroiditis

    • Constipation
    • Difficulty concentrating or thinking
    • Dry skin
    • Enlarged neck or presence of goiter
    • Fatigue
    • Hair loss
    • Heavy and irregular periods
    • Intolerance to cold
    • Mild weight gain
    • Small or shrunken thyroid gland (late in the disease)

    Other symptoms that can occur with this disease:

    • Joint stiffness
    • Weight gain (unintentional)
    • Swelling of the face

    Note: There may be no symptoms.

    Signs and tests

    Laboratory tests to determine thyroid function include:

    • Free T4 test (low)
    • Serum TSH (high)
    • T3 (low or normal)
    • Thyroid autoantibodies:
      • Antithyroid peroxidase antibody
      • Antithyroglobulin antibody

    Imaging studies are generally not needed to diagnose Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

    This disease may also change the results of the following tests:

    • Complete blood count
    • Radioactive iodine uptake
    • Serum prolactin
    • Serum sodium
    • Total cholesterol