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Cranial mononeuropathy VI

  • Alternative Names

    Abducens palsy; Lateral rectus palsy; Vith nerve palsy; Cranial nerve VI palsy


    Symptoms may include:

    • Double vision when looking to one side
    • Headaches
    • Pain around the eye

    Signs and tests

    Tests typically show that one eye has trouble looking to the side, while the other eye moves normally. An examination shows the eyes do not line up -- either at rest, or when looking in the direction of the weak eye.

    Your health care provider will do a complete examination to determine the possible effect on other parts of the nervous system. Depending on the suspected cause, you may need:

    • Blood tests
    • Head imaging study (such as an MRI or CT scan)
    • Spinal tap (lumbar puncture)

    You may need to be referred to a doctor who specializes in visual problems related to the nervous system (neuro-ophthalmologist).