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Culture-negative endocarditis

  • Alternative Names

    Endocarditis (culture-negative)


    You will be admitted to the hospital so you can receive medicines through a vein. Long-term, high-dose antibiotic or antifungal treatment is needed. Treatment is usually given for 4 - 6 weeks.

    Surgery may be needed to replace damaged heart valves.

    Support Groups

    Expectations (prognosis)

    Heart valves may be damaged if diagnosis and treatment are delayed.

    • Abnormal connections within the heart
    • Blood clots that travel to brain, kidneys, lungs, or abdomen
    • Brain abscess
    • Congestive heart failure
    • Rapid or irregular heartbeats, including atrial fibrillation
    • Severe valve damage
    • Stroke

    Calling your health care provider