Diaper rash

  • Alternative Names

    Dermatitis - diaper and Candida; Candida-associated diaper dermatitis; Diaper dermatitis


    You may notice the following in your child's diaper area:

    • Bright red rash that gets bigger
    • Fiery red and scaly areas on the scrotum and penis in boys
    • Red or scaly areas on the labia and vagina in girls
    • Pimples, blisters, ulcers, large bumps, or pus-filled sores
    • Smaller red patches (called satellite lesions) that grow and blend in with the other patches

    Older infants may scratch when the diaper is removed.

    Diaper rashes usually do NOT spread beyond the edge of the diaper.

    Signs and tests

    Yeast or Candida-related diaper rashes often can be diagnosed by the appearance alone. The KOH test can confirm a Candida diagnosis.