Eyelid bump

  • Alternative Names

    Bump on the eyelid; Stye; Hordeolum

    • Styes and chalazions can be treated by applying warm compresses. Apply for 10 minutes. Do this four times a day.
    • Do NOT attempt to squeeze a stye or any other type of eyelid bump. Let it drain on its own.
    • Antibiotic creams may help recurrent or persistent styes. Some large styes need to be lanced to drain the infection.

    Expectations (prognosis)

    Styes often get better on their own. However, they may recur. The outcome is generally excellent with simple treatment.

    • Recurrence of a stye
    • Spread of infection to other eyelash follicles
    • Spread of infection to the tissue of the eyelid (eyelid cellulitis)

    Calling your health care provider

    Call your doctor if:

    • You have problems with your vision.
    • The eyelid bump worsens or does not improve within a week or two of self-care.
    • The eyelid bump or bumps become very large or painful.
    • You have a blister on your eyelid.
    • You have crusting or scaling of your eyelids.
    • Your whole eyelid is red, or the eye itself is red.
    • You are very sensitive to light or have excessive tears.
    • A stye comes back soon after successful treatment of another one.
    • Your eyelid bump bleeds.