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Factitious hyperthyroidism

  • Alternative Names

    Factitious thyrotoxicosis; thyrotoxicosis factitia; thyrotoxicosis medicamentosa


    The symptoms of factitious hyperthyroidism are the same as those of hyperthyroidism caused by the thyroid gland, with these exceptions:

    • There is no goiter. The thyroid gland is usually small.
    • The eyes do not bulge, as they do in Graves disease (the most common type of hyperthyroidism).
    • The skin over the shins does not thicken, as it occasionally does with people who have Graves disease.

    Signs and tests

    The following test results may indicate factitious hyperthyroidism:

    • High levels of free T4
    • High levels of total T3
    • High levels of total T4
    • Low radioactive iodine uptake
    • Low levels of thyroglobulin
    • Low levels of TSH