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Foreign body in the nose

  • Alternative Names

    Something stuck in the nose; Objects in the nose

    First Aid
    1. Do not search the nose with cotton swabs or other tools. Doing so may push the object further into the nose.
    2. Have the person breathe through the mouth. He or she should avoid breathing in sharply, which may force the object in further.
    3. Once you known which side of the nose is affected, gently press the other nostril closed and have the person blow gently. Avoid blowing the nose too hard or repeatedly.
    4. If this method fails, get medical help.

    Do Not
    • DO NOT try to remove an object that you cannot see or is not easy to grasp. This can push the object farther in or cause damage to tissue.
    • DO NOT use tweezers or other tools to remove an object that is stuck deep inside the nose.

    Call immediately for emergency medical assistance if

    Seek immediate medical help if:

    • Bleeding develops and continues beyond 2 or 3 minutes after removal of the foreign object, despite placing gentle pressure on the nose
    • An object is stuck in both nostrils
    • You cannot easily remove a foreign object from the person's nose
    • You think an infection has developed in the nostril that inhaled the foreign object