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Genital injury

  • Alternative Names

    Scrotal trauma; Straddle injury; Toilet seat injury

    First Aid
    1. Reassure the victim and try to keep them calm. As first aid is administered, be sensitive to the victim's privacy -- shield the injured area.
    2. To control bleeding, use direct pressure. Place a clean cloth or sterile dressing on any open wounds. If the vagina is bleeding severely, pack the area with sterile gauze or clean cloths unless a foreign body is suspected.
    3. Apply cold compresses to help reduce swelling.
    4. If the testicles have been injured, support them with a sling made from towels and applied like a diaper.
    5. If an object is embedded in a body opening or wound, leave it alone. Taking it out may cause further damage.
    6. Seek medical attention.

    Do Not
    • DO NOT overlook the possibility of internal bleeding.
    • DO NOT volunteer your opinions about the circumstances.
    • DO NOT accuse or confront the victim.
    • DO NOT disturb possible evidence of assault or abuse, unless a medical emergency exists. If you suspect assault or abuse, do not allow the victim to change clothes, bathe, or shower.
    • DO NOT allow the victim to walk, unless absolutely necessary.
    • DO NOT attempt to remove a foreign body yourself.

    Call immediately for emergency medical assistance if
    • There is any pain or swelling in the genital area
    • The foreign body was sharp
    • There is bleeding
    • There is concern about sexual abuse
    • The patient is unable to urinate
    • The urine is bloody