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    The child will grow in height, as well as in the muscles and organs. This excessive growth makes the child extremely large for his or her age.

    Other symptoms include:

    • Delayed puberty
    • Double vision or difficulty with side (peripheral) vision
    • Frontal bossing and a prominent jaw
    • Headache
    • Increased sweating
    • Irregular periods (menstruation)
    • Large hands and feet with thick fingers and toes
    • Release of breast milk
    • Thickening of the facial features
    • Weakness

    Signs and tests
    • CT or MRI scan of the head showing pituitary tumor
    • Failure to suppress serum growth hormone (GH) levels after an oral glucose challenge (maximum 75g)
    • High prolactin levels
    • Increased insulin growth factor-I (IGF-I) levels

    Damage to the pituitary may lead to low levels of other hormones, including:

    • Cortisol
    • Estradiol (girls)
    • Testosterone (boys)
    • Thyroid hormone