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Hepatic hemangioma

  • Alternative Names

    Liver hemangioma; Hemangioma of the liver; Cavernous hepatic hemangioma; Infantile hemangioendothelioma; Multinodular hepatic hemangiomatosis


    Some hemangiomas may cause bleeding or interfere with organ function, depending on their location. Most cavernous hemangiomas do not produce symptoms. In rare cases, a cavernous hemangioma may rupture.

    Signs and tests

    Hepatic hemangioma is usually not discovered until medical pictures are taken of the liver for some other reason. If a cavernous hemangioma ruptures, the only sign may be an enlarged liver.

    Babies with benign infantile hemangioendothelioma may have:

    • A growth in the abdomen
    • Anemia
    • Signs of heart failure

    The following tests may be performed:

    • Blood tests
    • CT scan of the liver
    • Hepatic angiogram
    • MRI
    • Single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT)
    • Ultrasound of the abdomen