• Symptoms
    • A single or possibly many blisters filled with pus; easy to pop and -- when broken -- leave a reddish raw-looking base (in infants)
    • Itching blister:
      • Filled with yellow or honey-colored fluid
      • Oozing and crusting over
    • Rash -- may begin as a single spot, but if person scratches, it may spread to other areas
    • Skin lesions on the face, lips, arms, or legs, that spread to other areas
    • Swollen lymph nodes near the infection (lymphadenopathy)

    Signs and tests

    Diagnosis is based mainly on the appearance of the skin lesion.

    A culture of the skin or lesion usually grows the bacteria streptococcus or staphylococcus. The culture can help determine if MRSA is the cause, because specific antibiotics are used to treat this infection.