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Mesothelioma (benign-fibrous)

  • Alternative Names

    Mesothelioma - benign; Mesothelioma - fibrous; Localized fibrous tumor of the pleura; Pleural fibroma


    Approximately half of persons with this disease are asymptomatic, which means they do not show any symptoms.

    If the tumor grows to a large size and pushes on the lung, it can lead to shortness of breath.

    Other symptoms include:

    • Chest pain
    • Chronic cough

    Signs and tests

    During a physical examination, the health care provider may notice a clubbed appearance of the fingers. The tumor is usually found by accident when a chest x-ray is done for other reasons.

    Other tests that may show benign mesothelioma include:

    • CT scan of the chest
    • Open lung biopsy