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Miscarriage - threatened

  • Alternative Names

    Threatened miscarriage; Threatened spontaneous abortion; Abortion - threatened; Threatened abortion


    Symptoms of a threatened miscarriage include:

    • Abdominal cramps with or without vaginal bleeding
    • Vaginal bleeding during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy (last menstrual period was less than 20 weeks ago)

    Note: During an actual miscarriage, low back pain or abdominal pain (dull to sharp, constant to intermittent) typically occurs, and tissue or clot-like material may pass from the vagina.

    Signs and tests

    Abdominal or vaginal ultrasound may be done to check the baby's development, heart beat, and amount of bleeding. A pelvic exam will be done to check the cervix.

    The following blood tests may be performed:

    • Beta HCG (quantitative) test over a period of days or weeks to confirm whether the pregnancy is continuing
    • Complete blood count (CBC) to determine amount of blood loss
    • Pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy
    • Progesterone level
    • White blood count (WBC) with differential to rule out infection