Near drowning

  • Alternative Names

    Drowning - near

    • Avoid drinking alcohol whenever swimming or boating.
    • Drowning can occur in any container of water. Do not leave any standing water (in empty basins, buckets, ice chests, kiddy pools, or bathtubs). Secure the toilet seat cover with a child safety device.
    • Fence all pools and spas. Secure all the doors to the outside, and install pool and door alarms.
    • If your child is missing, check the pool immediately.
    • Never allow children to swim alone or unsupervised regardless of their ability to swim.
    • Never leave children alone for any period of time or let them leave your line of sight around any pool or body of water. Drownings have occurred when parents left "for just a minute" to answer the phone or door.
    • Observe water safety rules.
    • Take a water safety course.


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