Nose fracture

  • Definition

    A nose fracture is a break in the bone or cartilage over the bridge, in the sidewall, or septum (line dividing the nostrils) of the nose.

    Alternative Names

    Fracture of the nose; Broken nose


    A fractured nose is the most common fracture of the face. It usually occurs after an injury and often occurs with other facial fractures.

    Sometimes, as a result of a blunt injury, the wall dividing the nostrils (septum) can separate.

    Nose injuries and neck injuries are often seen together because a blow that is forceful enough to injure the nose may be hard enough to injure the neck.

    Serious nose injuries cause problems that require a doctor's attention right away. For example, damage to the the lining of the septal cartilage can result in a collection of blood forming inside the nose. If not drained promptly, this can result in an abscess or a permanent deformity that causes a nasal blockage. It may ultimately result in tissue death and collapse of the nose itself.

    However, for minor nose injuries, the doctor may prefer to see the patient within the first week after the injury if the nose may have become deformed.

    Occasionally, surgery may be needed to correct a deformity of the nose or septum caused by a trauma.